six years passed..

It has been six years today, since I left Poland and moved to Ireland. It is hard to believe how quickly this time has gone by. Coming to Ireland and living in this country was one of my dreams, which came true. Looking back, I am pretty sure it was a good decision, but thinking about it now I am not sure whether I would be brave enough to make it again. It was a tough decision. Leaving the comfort zone, the family, friends, people and places I know, was not easy at all. Finding myself in this new place, even such a nice place like Ireland, was also very hard at the beginning. But in the same time this move helped me to realise many other plans and other dreams. I can just hope I made most out of this last six years and did not waste that much time. I am very happy where I am now, living in Ireland with my beloved wife and our six months old daughter. I met many good people, and many of them are now my friends. My life, and myself have changed so much since 2001, but I feel it has all changed for a better…

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  1. Johnny K

    Do you plan on living here forever Yaro? I miss Ireland after a week or so. I’m the only one on the plane delighted to be landing in a rainy Dublin airport when we come back from holidays. Do you miss Poland enough to ever return there to live?

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