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Name Server configuration checking tool

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I manage couple of name servers and several domains. I am using BIND as a name server of choice, found it excellent, easy to configure and maintain, and most importantly, easy to secure (chroot). A DNS Report is a very useful tool validation the configuration of your domains. To perform a test, you just need […]

“Hotel Rwanda”

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just amazing… I missed that movie when it was on in the cinema, now got it from the rental. Really good…

digital dictaphone

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For some time now I have been looking for a digital dictaphone. I need it for a day to day work, as I’d like to record various ideas coming to me at any time. It has happened many times that I was thinking about something, got few interesting ideas, but by the time I wrote […]


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Interesting article about Google from The Economist. Just recalled reading it when read Joe’s post.

more about web 2.0

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More comments on web 2.0 – from The Economist

Levels of strategy defined

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While studying for the last exam of my MBS course the International Business, I came across something very interesting for all entrepreneurs I think, not only for managers of large organisations – the five levels of strategy: Enterprise strategy – what is your purpose in society, why do we exist as an organisation? Corporate strategy […]

got it working!!!

« 13 May 2006 | 14:07 | freebsd, php | 1 Comment »

Finally, I got WordPress working… after fighting with php, mysql and freebsd for last couple of hours… unistalling php4, installling php5, and then reverting it all back… loosing SquirrelMail for a moment and then getting it back… PHP port settings for FreebSD has changed recently. As described here. Few days ago I updated my php4, […]