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scam and scambaiting

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I am sure many people have heard about scam, but not sure how many of them have heard about scambaiting. This crowd seems to be very advanced in it and have a track record of some successful scambaiting. I had an impression that people are aware of the scam but apparently I was wrong. Got […]

:( disaster… Poland – Ecuador 0:2

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yes, it is shame, very dissapointing… long planned evening so badly spoiled, no more comments required… I feel sorry for all Polish fans, and perhaps for the players too, who couldn’t play up to the expectations… and high hopes…


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I was investigating the issue of search engine optimization (SEO) recently, more from the curiosity and will to learn something new than anything else really. I am not very crazy about SEO – I mean, I wouldn’t spend hours in front of my website trying to optimize it so it appears on top of the […]

Child birth video

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We are expecting a baby, due on 30th of June, and in last few weeks we have been participating in excellent ante-natal classes organised by National Maternity Hospital. As an addition to the classes, we were given a chance to see the child birth video. I have to say I had mixed feelings about watching […]