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unholy alliance

« 7 November 2006 | 17:05 | Entertainment | 1 Comment »

It took place at Dulbin’s music venue The Point and featured “Children of the Bodom”, “Lamb of God”, “In Flames” and of course “Slayer” with Dave Lombardo, their incredible drummer. Lots of good noise 🙂 Apart of Slayer I also really enjoyed In Flames. They have good frontman who knows how to make a dialog […]

:( disaster… Poland – Ecuador 0:2

« 10 June 2006 | 17:25 | sport | No Comments »

yes, it is shame, very dissapointing… long planned evening so badly spoiled, no more comments required… I feel sorry for all Polish fans, and perhaps for the players too, who couldn’t play up to the expectations… and high hopes…

“Hotel Rwanda”

« 19 May 2006 | 23:39 | movies | No Comments »

just amazing… I missed that movie when it was on in the cinema, now got it from the rental. Really good…