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Upgrading Trac

« 4 May 2009 | 15:35 | freebsd, tools | No Comments »

Trac is a great tool but upgrading it may sometimes be tricky. If you are using FreeBSD than the easiest way is to use the portupgrade tool, however if you have multi-project configuration (and fcgi) than take a copy of your trac.fcgi file as it is overwritten by the upgrade tool (and the error output […]

got it working!!!

« 13 May 2006 | 14:07 | freebsd, php | 1 Comment »

Finally, I got WordPress working… after fighting with php, mysql and freebsd for last couple of hours… unistalling php4, installling php5, and then reverting it all back… loosing SquirrelMail for a moment and then getting it back… PHP port settings for FreebSD has changed recently. As described here. Few days ago I updated my php4, […]