unholy alliance

It took place at Dulbin’s music venue The Point and featured “Children of the Bodom”, “Lamb of God”, “In Flames” and of course “Slayer” with Dave Lombardo, their incredible drummer. Lots of good noise 🙂 Apart of Slayer I also really enjoyed In Flames. They have good frontman who knows how to make a dialog with the audience.

It has been some time since the last time I was on the heavy metal gig, and I nearly forgot how cool it is. Have to do it again soon. Now I just can’t wait when we go to Poland in a week time and I will play on my drum set again 🙂

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  1. Ciaran Bradley

    Jarek, if only I had known you were a closet metaller! In flames are a great band to see live. They were here a couple of months ago in the Ambassador but the sound was absolute shite! At least this time you could hear Anders and the boys ripping it up particularly during My Sweet Shadow and The quiet place. You should see them when they have a stage to themsevles – the engery is amazing and the mosh pits go nuts.

    Slayer were good as always but they have been better – still you just can’t beat the ol’ double bass intro to Hell Awaits. It was fun to watch the security muppits giving up trying to separate the slammers in the mosh pit once Slayer came on. I think they got slammed once too often themselves.

    The set was a good mix of their greatest hits but far too short and not playing an encore is really bad form. However the 20 foot tall stack of Marshall amps in the shape of an inverted cross has to be seen to be believed.

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