Polish community in Ireland

While browsing my usual website for Polish news Gazeta Wyborcza, just by accident I noticed an ad banner on top of the page – to my surprise it was… Eircom’s advertisement πŸ™‚ all in Polish, obviously targeted to Polish community in Ireland :). When clicked on the banner, Eircom’s website opened… again, all in Polish πŸ™‚ Eircom PL. The link to this page is also available from their main website Eircom’s main website

It is amazing how much things have changed since I arrivied here nearly 6 years ago. I have also heard about Polish leaflets available in EBS and Bank of Ireland, and recently saw an electronic information point (I think there is a proper name for this) in Bank of Ireland branch displaying multilingual information, including Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian and few more :). Government agencies also have multilingual brochures, online resources etc. (for example Oasis).

I think in relatively small country like Ireland, with population of around 4 million, a community of approximately 200K (no one knows exaclty), a 5%, is a significant buying force, which companies do not want to ignore. There are Polish shops, newspaper, restaruants here, they are all run by Polish people, now Irish companies are opening to imigration communities, definitely seeing opportunities there πŸ™‚ Interesting developments πŸ™‚

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  1. laura kerrins

    I read your blog which was very interesting. I was wondering where in Ireland I could buy a Polish newspaper?

  2. Jarek

    You can usually buy them in shops with Polish food – there are many of them now in Dublin, and as far as I know, also in other bigger cities in Ireland (Galway, Cork). There are Polish newspapers brough from Poland (e.g. Gazeta Wyborcza) and also some Polish papers published in Ireland (e.g. Polska Gazeta). You can also buy there various weekly/monthly magazines. On the other hand, Evening Herald has a Polish section on every Friday.

  3. conor

    Just moved to Limerick, am wondering where there are any Polish shops?

  4. david living in carlow

    I have certificate TEFL looking to teach and refine english language to polish people in carlow area.Iwill be working from home and available MON.TUES WEDS afternoons or evenings.If you can give me some information or phone no.of interested people or community leaders it could be benificial to some polish peoples career advancement. Thank you David

  5. Jack

    I was interested to read that you liked the eircom ad targeting the Polish community in Ireland. I have the task of doing a similiar task for a number of high profile brands. With this in mind, I would be very interested to find out what websites Polish people living in Ireland visit on a regular basis.

    Thanks in advance.


  6. Karen

    Are there any specific orgaisations or social groups for the Polish community in Limerick?

  7. Dave K

    Theres an irish website with info for people moving to ireland called http://www.newtotown.ie they also have a Polish verision of the site http://www.newtotown.pl

  8. Sheena

    Hi Yaro,
    I work for the Cork Film Festival and as this year the Festival will feature a special Polish programme, i hope to get the word out the Polish Community, both in Cork and also Nationwide. As someone who has been in Ireland for as long as you have, i was wondering if you could point me in the direction of some of the most popular info portals for the Polish Communities in Ireland.
    thanks, sheena

  9. Fiona

    Hi Yaro,

    We work with pregnant teenagers and young mothers up to 20 years, all Nationalities. I am looking for information on Services for the Polish Community here in Cork. I have info on only one Restaurant in Kinsale, Cork. Are there others in Cork? What about Polish Community Groups? Youth Groups? Social Groups, Pubs & Clubs? Food Shops? I have found Newspapers & Polish Mass times in Churches all over Cork. Anything out there for Polish Teenagers? Any information you can provide would be great.

  10. Gary Doyle


    We are looking for 8 to 10 staff to deliver small magizines in Limerick City,

    Its for 5 days and pay can range from €280.00 to €400.00,

    Everyone welcome to apply no experience needed but a car is essential,

    Work can be done daily or in the evenings,

    Call 0862622657 or email info@leafletdirect.ie

  11. jason corbally

    hy guys, just wondering if you have seen http://www.portalpolska.com a complete new resource for the polish in ireland

  12. Sophie

    Dear Yaro

    We are working on the renovation of a chateau in Southern France and employ some polish people and we have worked happily with them for 5 years appreciate work ethic, esprit du corps etc and are seeking to recruit two more. I wonder if you know where polish people in Ireland might look for work of the sort we offer. It is all legal and above board. I have heard that many skilled polish workers are leaving Ireland because there is less work in construction now. How could I hook uo with open minded skilled strong Polish builders interested in working in Southern France instead of returning to Poland.

    Best wishes

    Sophie Duncan

  13. TEFL Tutor

    Polish your english by upgrading your self at http://www.tefldevil.com

  14. Cork Womens Soccer

    I am the chairperson of the Cork women’s soccer league. Our adult women’s league
    starts next wednesday. We have 18 teams all over Cork and we want to get more players
    playing especially players not from Ireland. Games are every wednesday evening.
    Could you help us get the message out that we welcome new players to all our clubs?

  15. Pamela chiriseri

    i m doing a research (in collaboration with UCD) on access to third level edcuation for immigrant parents of Irish citizen children and am keen to talk to Polish parents who have attempted to get into 3rd level education in Ireland, or who are currently studying, or who successfully completed their studies. please help if you are interested in telling your experience of accessing third level education in Ireland. my e-mail is wombculture2006@yahoo.ie. I would appreciate anyone with contact information about Polish support groups in Dublin. Thanks. Pamela




  17. Aideen Murphy

    Hi all,

    I am a student in Dublin City University. I am studying for a masters in Human Resourve Management and as part of my course I must complete a thesis.

    The topic I have chosen is concerned with Polish Workers And Trade Unions.

    I have a survey which I need Polish workers to complete. It ill take no more than 5 minutes of your time.

    It is on Survey Monkey which means I can mail it to anyone who is interested inhelpiong me out.

    If you are Polish and working in Ireland and can spare a few minutes of your time please contact me at


    Thanking you

    Aidenn Murphy
    Dublin City University

  18. patricia

    Hi there, I am looking to see where I can buy JELP washing powder in Ireland…does anyone know where it is available?

  19. Ciaran

    The Academy Chamber Choir is based in Tullamore and are currently looking for Male voices. We are one of the leading choirs in the midlands and have no more than 16 voices. If there are any male singers that would like to audition or if you know of anyone then please email me on ciaran.brady@gmail.com

  20. Paul

    Hi Yaro
    I have just opened a shop for Polish people in Dublin in Moore Street. What is the way to communicate with the Polish community in Dublin ? What so they read ? What web sites do they use ?
    Thanks in advance

  21. Trinity Long Room Hub

    Event details: 7th Lewis Glucksman Memorial Symposium

    β€˜Language, Culture and the Press in Eastern Europe since 1989’

    Professor R?ta Marcinkevi?ien? (Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania)

    Professor Piotr Piotrowski (Director, The National Museum in Warsaw)

    Dr Tomasz Kamusella (Trinity College Dublin)

    Thursday 10th December 2009


    7.00-9.00pm, Thursday 10th December 2009

    J.M. Synge Theatre, Arts Building

    Trinity College

    Free of charge

  22. CyberBob

    Hi all,

    I ve been in Ireland for 6 years now, mixed well with one of Your females, had a baba 2 years ago. And You know what? I am staying here for good!
    I work in retail, making use of my degree, trying to move myself forward to MBA, work for purely irish employer who is delighted with us Poles… love that greenness around and terrible weather, all that makes this place like nowhere else.

  23. Ervins

    looking for Polish speaking representative in Ireland.
    please contact me directly.

  24. Cristian

    Hi all,

    looking for Polish GP Doctor(who knows also english).Could you help me?

  25. Katy

    I am planning a 2 week stay in Dublin (and surrounding areas) in April. I am from the USA, but am half Polish. I know that there are Polish communities in Ireland, and I was just wondering if someone could give me the location of them. Thanks!

  26. colm scully

    Hello to all in the Polish community in Ireland.

    i’m writing on behalf of the Communication Workers Union Band,We are a Brass and Reed band on North side of Dublin and currently seeking new players,if you are reasonably proficient at sight reading and playing we would be delighted to hear from you.Contact us or call down to 575 North Circular Rd Dublin at 11.00am on any Sunday morning.We have some instruments available.

    What music do we play? The keynote is variety. There are about a thousand pieces of music in the band library.

    We have a good selection of marches by JP Sousa, and by K Alford (Colonel Bogey), plus classics from the French, German and Spanish traditions ,some Czech and Russian pieces.

    We also have a fine selection of overtures from Mozart and Rossini right through the 19th century.

    On a lighter note, we have many selections from Viennese operetta, from Gilbert and Sullivan and waltzes from the Strauss family and Waldteufel

    We also have a good selection from Broadway shows and musicals and popular film themes.

    There are also arrangements from the Godfrey family, WJ Duthoit and Trevor Sharpe in England and from Leroy Anderson and Clare Grundman in America. There are concert selections from the Beatles, Neil Diamond, and Billy Joel, and some good numbers from the 1930-40s big band era.

    The aim always is to provide a variety of enjoyable music to suit all tastes.

    Come along and try us out,you might enjoy it.

  27. jarek.woznica

    Hello Katy,

    Thank you for your post.

    The ArtPolonia (http://www.artpolonia.org/) is definitely an interesting one. Also Polish Chaplaincy in Dublin (http://www.polish-chaplaincy.ie) may be a good source of information. I am sure the blog readers may add a few others.

    Why not to visit Poland – it’s quite close from Dublin πŸ˜‰ 3f flight to Cracow…

  28. Fintan

    I have a Dance Company in Cork. My dance partner is polish. Her name is Aga. If you would like to learn Salsa, Tango, Swing etc. check our website http://www.salsango.net. My dance studio is Salsango Dance Studio. Fintan & Aga

  29. Niamh Byrne

    Gaiety School of Acting is offering a drama course for those interested in acting but also a fun way to help them improve their English.

    It’s called Dramatic English (English as a foreign language through Drama).

    This unique course is fun and creative way to learn and improve your English through the medium of drama. The course will be offered on three levels Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced.

    For more info go to our website : http://www.gaietyschool.com/courses/part_time/summer_courses/409/#details

    Or call us on 01 6799277 or email info@gaietyschool.com

  30. Gobnait Byrne

    Dear all,
    I’m doing a National survey of Polish people living in Ireland. I have given out 1,000 paper copies of the questionnaires to Polish who attended Polish masses. I have also put the questionnaire in Polish online and it is available on this website http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Polishhealthstudy

    270 people have completed this online questionnaire to date. Please can you tell your Polish friends about this study.
    Kind regards

  31. Kate Straume

    Dear All,

    I’m glad to announce, that Springhill Court Hotel in Kilkenny is hosting POLISH NIGHT on 22nd of February 2014.
    We’d be glad to see you there and celebrate polish culture together.
    Call 056 772 1122 or email events@springhillcourt.com
    All the Best
    Kate Straume
    Events Manager

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