survey generator

I am working on my master’s reseach dissertation at the moment. Conducting a research forms a part of my thesis. I am doing both, quantitative and qualitative research. Qualitative research is just an in-depth interview, while quantitative involves sending a survey to chosen research population. I’ve decided to use an online survey, as I believe this will give me a chance to get higher respnse rate, and is quicker to get results than sending questionnaires by ordinary mail.
I have purchased a domain to host the online survey on it, as I did not want to use services like surveymonkey. Not because I don’t like it – in fact it is great website and service, but I think having it hosted on my own, dedicated domain, suits just better in my case.
I was looking for some survey generator, which would help me to quickly design the questionnaire. After some search I have found a really fantastic tool: phpsurveyor
I was able to install it in just a few minutes on my freebsd box, and started designing my quiestonnaire immediately via web-based gui. It allows you to do all sorts of things, from simple YES/NO qeustions/answers to more sophisticated array-based, likert-scale or ranking-type questions/answers. It also allows you to put conditions on whether to display a given question based on the asnwer provided in previous one – this one is my favourite 🙂 In addition, it will send the invitiations to complete the survey (and also reminders), should you have a database (csv based) of people you want to survey.

Have to say – great tool, saved lots of my time 🙂

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