digital dictaphone

For some time now I have been looking for a digital dictaphone. I need it for a day to day work, as I’d like to record various ideas coming to me at any time. It has happened many times that I was thinking about something, got few interesting ideas, but by the time I wrote them down I forgot them already.

I also need it now for my dissertation research. Part of the research includes the semi-structured interviews, which need to be recorded and then transcribed.

So it looks like it is a good time to buy a required tool.

After some research I found Olympus VN-960PC digital recorder and decided to buy it. It was about 100 EUR and with 128MB has a capacity to record over 5 hours in high quality (16 hours in low quality). It comes with built in microfone and speaker, as well as external microfone with clip and headphones. It also comes with a nice, easy to use software to download recorded stuff to PC (USB connection).
I’ve been playing with it in last few days and have to say I really like it (the only thing I don’t like is listening my recorded voice).
The one thing it is lacking is some protective case – I will need to buy something similar to mobile phone case.

So now I just need to go out there and do my primary research 🙂

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