Levels of strategy defined

While studying for the last exam of my MBS course the International Business, I came across something very interesting for all entrepreneurs I think, not only for managers of large organisations – the five levels of strategy:

Enterprise strategy – what is your purpose in society, why do we exist as an organisation?

Corporate strategy – what business shall we be in now and into the future? What are our core competencies for each?

Business strategy – how shall we compete/collaborate in the business we select?

Operational strategy – how shall we coordinate among processes, people and structures to meet enterprise, corporate, and business strategies?

Individual strategy – what must each individual do to meet organisational goals of the subunit, operations, business, corporate and enterprise strategy?

(Parker, B. (1998) Globalization and business practice : managing across boundaries 1st ed. London ; Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications)

kind of obvious, yet…

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