I was investigating the issue of search engine optimization (SEO) recently, more from the curiosity and will to learn something new than anything else really.

I am not very crazy about SEO – I mean, I wouldn’t spend hours in front of my website trying to optimize it so it appears on top of the Google, or Yahoo search engines. I also think that too many people spend too much time �optimizing� their websites, than they should spend on putting some real, interesting content on their websites.

Anyway, I was reading various articles, blogs and forums about SEO and looking at many different tools, which meant to help to optimize your website for search engines. I came across few, which I think help you not only to optimize your website, but in fact make it more professional looking, where the content really reflects what people put in the meat tags…

A Meta Tag Analyzer by WedXL is one of them. It simply analyses your Meta tags, checks whether they comply with the rules/standards and matches them against the contents of your website. It also gives you some statistical information regarding your website including keywords found on website, in anchors, URLs found in the page, website load time.

Another report, by the same organisation Search Engine Saturation, gives you the number of pages from your website a search engine has indexed.

The last one from the same crowd is a Link Popularity Check, giving you the information now many pages are linking to your web-site.

To read more about SEO, I found SEO Chat pretty interesting. It has plenty articles bout the SEO issue and links to many useful tools. For example, if you want to check Google’s page rank of you website, you can use Page Rank Lookup Tool.

If you are crazy about optimising your website for Google, the series of articles on SEO Chat website may help you in your endeavours.

And when you are finished with optimising your website, I would recommend doing one more test. W3C validator will check whether your website complies with the standards set by the W3C body.

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